i love fur.

so i haven't updated in a really fucking long time. but believe me, absolutely nothing interesting has happened. i still work at circuit city, i still date strippers, i still get trashed on a daily basis. eh. it sucks.

the only thing worst posting about is my new love affair for pina coladas.

mmmm, so good.

and yeah, i've kind of missed updating about nothing.

and i really miss sarah, why did you disappear? :(

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valentines day would have been a lot better if california wasn't so goddamn far away.

that aside, everything else is exactly the same.

i need some fucking excitement in my life.

life update:

job = gone.

girlfriend = gone.

friends = gone.

house = gone.

money = gone.

life = over.

actually, that isn't really true. i still have a house, and i still have a job, and i guess i have a few friends, but girlfriends and money are definitely gone. i just don't know how to have a girlfriend. and not knowing how to have a girlfriend seriously worries me. i guess it's a good thing since san antonio is full of nothing but shitty girls. i also don't know how to save money. which worries me because i really don't want to end up like all these hood rich wankstas i see on a daily basis. eh, whatever.

over the past few weeks i've developed a routine:

wake up.
go to work.
get off work.
go to strip clubs.
get really, really, trashed.
spend ridiculous amounts of money.
drive home still trashed.
pass out.

it's gotten to the point where i'm really unpleasant to be around if i don't have any alcohol in my system. sad but true.

whataburger has foam cups now. i guess that's pretty exciting.

i also have a mullet now:

fun stuff.

sarah, if you're reading this, you better fucking update. i'm starting to worry that you're the opposite of alive.

i hate live journal.
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today's lesson:

Well, its not really a lesson, more like a rule. This is photographic proof that the handicapped should not be allowed to drive:

Us normal people could really use those close ass parking spots.

Anyway, I got hired at Circuit City awhile back. It's no Best Buy, but whatever. Oh, and speaking of Best Buy, for some reason I decided to apply there too, just for fun. Well, the following day they called and asked if I wanted to come in for an interview. Are you fucking shitting me? Ashton Kutcher come on out, this "Punk'd" shit is really getting old. Seriously. What are the odds? Anyway, Best Buy is always busy which would equate to me actually doing work. So fuck that. We all know how I feel about actual work. At Circuit City all I have to worry about is sweeping up all the tumbleweeds that blow by. So yeah, Circuit City by Northstar Mall, come buy stuff from me.

Halloween is coming up. You know, for the longest time I thought Halloween was my favorite holiday, I guess I was wrong. Halloween seems to me like just another thing that's only fun when you're a kid. Like Easter. Even Christmas doesn't feel the same anymore. But yeah, I think the worst part about Halloween aside from the fact that it's only fun for kids, is all the dumb, un-original costumes. Namely girls and their whole "slutty" thing. The slutty bunny/cat/school girl/teacher/genie/nurse/angel/cop/maid/slutty anything-with-a-fucking-tail. Seriously, are girls really that stupid, or do they honestly know nothing other than the costume equivalent of holding up a sign saying " I need cock"? I fucking hate girls.

I also hate Taco Bell. Everyday for the past week, I've gone there with intention of ordering some chicken bell grande nachos. And every time they give me some new bullshit excuse as to why I can't have any. "Oh, we're out of chips." "Sorry, we're out of nacho cheese." "ha - it's the damndest thing, we ran out of chicken." Or all of the above. Seriously, fuck Taco Bell.

In other news, two years of myspace. Well, at least I can pinpoint the exact time my life went downhill.
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what a world.

ValcoreManifesto: have you heard about that girl taylor behl from richmond va?
i started aids: what girl?
ValcoreManifesto: this 17 yr old girl in my the town i live in went missing for a month and was just found today in a shallow grave about 70 miles away .. she was effing a 38 yr old photographer ...
ValcoreManifesto: anyways this is her journal
ValcoreManifesto: the dude that killed her is named "skulz...something
ValcoreManifesto: its way creepy he posts on it
i started aids: so he killed her?
ValcoreManifesto: yah most likely
ValcoreManifesto: he's arrested on child porn right now
ValcoreManifesto: but he did it
ValcoreManifesto: the side has been taken down exceot for that page .. with her pics on it
ValcoreManifesto: but he used to have pictures of the house she was buried at
ValcoreManifesto: read his about me last updated 2 weeks after she went missing
i started aids: this is creepy, michelle.
ValcoreManifesto: it happened like 10 blocks from me
ValcoreManifesto: just watch out for the web sluts .. they may kill you.
ValcoreManifesto: thats the place she was found

fucking crazy.


so like i got tagged.

"List 10 things that make you happy and then tag 5 others"

1. the crue.
2. tall, blonde, swedish girls who live in northern california.
3. alcohol.
4. strippers.
5. strip clubs.
6. drums.
7. cradle of filth's cover of "hallowed be thy name". best cover song ever.
8. receiving "wtf?!" looks from people.
9. my jacket.
10. hotel rooms.

so i tag...


goddamn, i am so fucking bored.
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I've realized a lot of things in life can be related to drugs. Like internet addiction for example. It doesn't take a drug addict to realize that once you start using something you build a tolerance, and pretty soon you need something harder and stronger to get you high. Well, like I said before, this also applies to the intraweb. Chat rooms started the whole process for me. AOL, Napster chat, ICQ, and eventually it topped out at Yahoo! Chat where I wasted a good two years of my life. I like to think of this as like marijuana. You start using it, it feels good, and before you know it you're getting turned on to harder things. Like Cocaine, or Live Journal. Live Journal ushered in a new phase of internet addiction. I'd come home from school and post all these stupid emo stories about God knows what, and before I knew it, it was all downhill from there. New Found Glory style. I'd update all the fucking time, I'd check my friends page every waking moment. Internet addiction was in full effect. But then I found something that was harder, better, stronger, faster, something that if you were without for more then ten minutes you'd break out in a cold sweat. Malaise, anxiety, depression, chills, nausea, diarrhea, cramps, and fevers would also kick in. Yeah, you guessed, it - Heroin. Er, Myspace. Myspace: The heroin of internet addiction. Once I discovered Myspace it was all over. I'm still trying to piece my life back together. And it's not easy. I recently found the Methadone of internet addiction - Multiply, the networking site that's a cross between facebook and photobucket. But I seriously doubt that's going to break my Myspace addiction. And isn't Methadone addicting in itself? Uh oh. So, yeah, that's the reason I never update anymore. has consumed my life.

Anyway, I'm not too sure how I feel about life these days. Life was awesome on the road. Unfortunately, due to stupid fucking niggers fucking us out of money, that tour was cut dramatically short. Although financially it was a disaster, there was no greater feeling than spending days upon days traveling. Almost dying TWICE thanks to that fucking bitch Katrina, waking up in strange hotel rooms, living off booze and fast food. Trying to decipher the anomaly that is the time zone system. Suddenly all those songs like "Wherever I May Roam" and "Home Sweet Home" made sense. And Florida? Florida was fucking amazing. Well, Tampa Bay was fucking amazing. Cities like Pensacola where everybody and their fucking mother called us faggots. Panama City which was like the San Marcos of Florida. Yeah, what A WASTE OF SPACE. Such a disgusting city. There were other cities too that were nice, but they really don't deserve a mention. Tampa, though. Was something else. Everything there was like Greek to me: Black stoplights? Palm Trees? Steak and Shakes? Crazy looking buses? Hot girls? What? Texas has like none of these. I had never been there before and it definitely made one hell of a first impression. I still believe Texas is the best place in the fucking world, but fuck dude, it has some serious competition.

I really miss palm trees. :(

The drive home was a whole other adventure. We ran out of gas in Alabama and had to wait at a fucking gas station in the sweltering heat for six fucking hours only to discover that no gas was on the way. Somehow we managed to make it back to Florida where we gassed the fuck up. Oh, and stocked up on Mello-Yello and sausage. Yeah, despite the traveling sausage fest that was our van, we kept craving slim jims. It was queer. Anyway, it was pretty difficult driving through Alabama and Mississippi, seeing buildings demolished, cars demolished, people demolished. I had a lot to think about during those hours. I thanked God for not placing San Antonio on a coast of any kind. I also thanked God for Vicodin which knocked me out lest I had to watch anymore of that heartbreaking destruction. Louisiana was scary, and I definitely do not want to elaborate on that.

Anyway, let's see. What else? Oh, yeah, I have a fracture in my left ring finger. I swear, every time I play drums I always find some new way of hurting myself. You have no idea how painful typing this entry is. The only saving grace is that it's on my left hand. Without my right hand fully operational I would die. Seriously. Death.

Throughout drugs and myspace and florida and fractures I managed to somehow land myself in a relationship. Well, not an official relationship. Well, it's complicated. But I think it's safe to say my days of slutting it up are over. Yeah, heartbreaking, I know. I really don't know how this could have happened. I'm such a bad person; how could anyone like me? Much less, how could I like anyone? Yeah, I know I always manage to develop these little crushes on strippers here and there. The most recent back in Clearwater, where I managed to fall in love with a stripper I had known for about a whole hour. Hell, I think I still might have a crush on her. After all I did let her keep my fucking To Die For hat which I miss oh-so-deeply. But anyway, yeah, strippers are of a different breed. As much as I love them, I know I could never get serious with any of them. These real, non-stripper girls are waaaaaaaay different, though. I mean, what do I do? I haven't held strong feelings for anyone in years. In fact, I've haven't held feelings like this for anyone ever. Which could be cool, I guess. I'm sure it's nice to have sex with someone you really care about. As opposed to girls you downright loathe. Whatever. I have no idea where I'm even going with this. Fuck girls. All I need is alcohol and my right fucking hand, and At All Cost.

And speaking of At All Cost, everyone seriously needs to go to the show on Thursday.
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the sunshine state.

So I'll be leaving for tour with Kalhalla tomorrow. First Florida, then the east coast, and then the rest of the world!

I know some of you live in Florida, so lets hang out or something.


oh! and happy birthday uhmmmstopit. everyone wish her the same.
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I'm pretty disappointed I only updated six times this summer. I'm even more disappointed in the fact that this year is almost over and I only have a months worth of entries. I remember previous years when I would post all the time. I guess maybe I really did run out of things to say? Or maybe nothing interesting ever happens to me anymore? I don't know.

Anyway, I constructed a graph to illustrate my point.

Yeah, it's a shame. So somebody tell me to update every now and then.

I've been seeing a lot of these gay ass "I miss summer" bulletins and blogs on myspace, lately. Am I seriously the only one who hates the shit out of summer? I graduated high school many moons ago, so three months sans school doesn't really get my panties wet like it used to. Neither does ONE HUNDRED DEGREE FUCKING WEATHER. I swear it's too fucking hot to do anything, anyway. Perhaps I'm just bitter that everyone all around me is out having the time of their lives, scoring a plethora of memories, and I'm not. Whatever. Fuck you. Summer is fucking useless. Winter for life.

In other news, my relationship with Hollister has officially come to an end. Yup, I got fired. Apparently, I "don't work", I "stand around and talk too much"; when I "actually do work, it's not quite good enough." Oh, but I've shown I'm "capable of doing a bad ass job," but apparently, I "never do it." I'm still trying to figure out what that means exactly. Whatever. What really boils my bacon though, is that I was actually going to quit last week. But yet I somehow allowed myself to be talked into staying. Yeah, that turned out to be a REAL wise decision. I swear, I hate being fired. Every job I've ever had I've been fired from. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I guess not. On the plus side, I did manage to meet some really awesome people. If I manage to stay friends with any of them remains to be seen, but I'm definitely glad I met them. So yeah, fuck you, Hollister, and the fucking horse you rode in on. At least there is still the SBC Center where I still get paid to "stand around and talk too much."

I posted a myspace blog regarding this, but it's just too important to not discuss here. The Andy Milonakis show. Quite possibly the most retarded fucking show ever. Seriously. I watched at least two episodes just to make sure it wasn't just one particular episode that was bad, but that they all were. Oh man, where to begin? Okay in the first episode, he starts washing his hair with conditioner, and then the conditioner somehow takes control of his mind and orders him to do a bunch of gay things. I didn't think it could get any worse, but then I saw the next episode. Andy Milonakis and some fag were playing with this doll, and Andy pulled down the dolls pants and started sticking its ass in that one fags face, and that fag just kept laughing and laughing. And that was the whole skit. Okay, that might have been funny if I was in the second grade. And I seriously doubt its core audience is comprised of second graders. Jesus Christ, MTV isn't even trying anymore. They're like Fox: reloaded. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode, where Jerry and George were trying to pitch their tv show to the NBC people and Russel Dowlripple asked George, "well, why am I watching this? and George so succinctly replied, "because it's on tv." Yeah. Fuck you, Andy Milonakis. And Fuck you, MTV.

Why the hell is there an r before the p in surprise? Who seriously pronounces it SURPrise. I say SUPrise. So it should definitely be spelled that way. In fact, I just recently realized it wasn't. I swear, I hate the english language sometimes.

And I'm leaving for Florida on Wednesday. So yeah.
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