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it's been awhile.

my live journal turned five on the first of the month. wow. five years. i remember when i first decided to join live journal. i was in yahoo chat hearing greg babble on about about how everyone had an lj and how i needed one. so he gave me an invite code (oh, invite codes, how i miss thee) and the rest is history. my first posts, wow. i was a senior in high school so you can guess what my entries were about. typical wah wah wah, girl doesn't like me, wah wah wah entries. in retrospect, i was an emotional wreck then. things haven't really changed THAT much in that aspect, but at least i'm not such a huge pussy anymore.

damn, i can't believe it's been five years. wow. five years and only 545 entries. i should really post more. if i'm looking back at all of this now and i'm freaked out, i wonder how amazed i'll be in ten years looking back...

okay, so in the last seven months that have passed, the more things have changed the more they've stayed the same. i don't work at circuit city anymore, no, i work for best buy now. and you know what? i like it. i like it. hands down the best job i've ever had. as much as retail sucks, it sucks in a way that isn't so painful. at circuit city, i was miserable twenty-five/eight. yeah, i was so miserable i had to create an extra hour and an extra day just to get by. every day was hell. here it's different. i mean, by no means is best buy a perfect walk in the park. i work at a store in a pretty really bad location (south park mall :( ), but as far as pay and benefits and respect and all of that goes, i can't complain. i don't forsee myself making a career out of it, but for the time being, i'm pretty content.

i tried going back to school. that failed miserably. school and i go together about as well as whitney houston and bobby brown. "higher education" just doesn't do it for me. i don't know how people can slave their lives away at school just for a fucking job. ugh, whatever, i don't want to get into this. moral of the paragraph: fuck school, and fuck you,too.

music's been going pretty decent. we made a cd and passed them around, and we've been getting sort of "known". we've had a lot of good shows that have opened doors for us. our guitarist, adrian, found out not too long ago that a girl he used to date just got hired as an A&R rep for a record label. talk about luck. hopefully she can pull a few strings, so we can take this to the next level.

girls. man, i still hate girls. god, i meet the most fucked up members of the opposite sex. the girls i meet always lead these fucked up lives, involving ex-boyfriends and husbands, and they all seem to have fucking kids. not babies. FUCKING KIDS.

myspace is still myspace. my hair is still long. hella is still fucking awful. and this diet dr. pepper doesn't really taste that much like regular dr. pepper. that shows you right there what a degree does for you.
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